About Queen Bee Acres

Bees are intriguing creatures. We had always been fascinated by them, and when we moved to rural Wisconsin in 2009 we wanted to turn our fascination into something we could share.

So after moving to Wisconsin, we spent our first winter attending as many bee workshops and reading as many books as we could. I guess you could say that’s when Queen Bee Acres, LLC unofficially started.

Our official start was in the spring when we set up two hives. We were “newbees,” but we quickly learned that honey bees want to make honey – not sting. This was a relief.

Honestly, harvesting honey and rendering beeswax was harder and more time-consuming than we expected. And the ink on our first label design smeared when it got wet. Yet we were learning.

We also learned a lot from our fellow beekeepers. Everyone we met was kind enough to share their advice and experiences with us. Their help really pushed us through our early challenges.

We sent our first honey harvest to unsuspecting family members and friends for an honest critique. We learned that people prefer pure honey – and we were proud of our bees!

In our second year we added three more hives, but unfortunately we lost two hives over the winter. It was a tough lesson, but we forged on and ended the season with a bountiful honey harvest.

After that, we were stung by the joys of beekeeping, and started turning our experience into a small business. We’ve now finished our third year and added three more hives. We’re proud to report that our bees have produced their best and smoothest honey so far.

We pledge to always provide you with pure local honey, nurtured in the beautiful rolling hills and woodlands of Southwest Wisconsin. We’re confident you’ll enjoy the taste of our local honey and are happy to welcome you to Queen Bee Acres!

Keep buzzing,
Pete & Fran Demo
Keepers of the Bees